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At Canberra Caravan and 4X4 Centre we stock and supply a large range of quality IRONMAN 4X4 Camping Equipment and Camping Accessories, including Swags, Sleeping Bags, Tents (Traditional, Rooftop & Awnings), Camping TablesChairs & StretchersWater Tanks, First Aid Kits, Fridges, Freezers & Erskies, Toilets and much more. 

Tents & Awnings

Whether you're Camping / Caravaning in the Outback or waiting in line for the Black Friday sales to start, we have the gear for you to be comfortable, stylish and safe. 

Tents & Awnings

We supply a range of quality IRONMAN 4X4 Tents & Awnings for whatever condition Australia can throw at you. 

Coming in a range of Premium 280gsm to 320gsm, 1000D Waterproof PVC, our Canvas and PVC Products are high quality and durable. Available in various sizes for 4wd's as well as a free standing 270 degree awning 

We supply the AluCab Roof Top Tent and Canopy conversions. The AluCab Roof Top Tent being a hard top with lightweight aluminum construction, a newly designed telescopic ladder that can be stored inside the tent when not in use, plus many more features! Their 270 degree Shadow Awning is one of the best on the market

Camping Toilets

Camping Toilets

Camping Tables & Chairs

IRONMAN 4X4 make a range of Portable Toilets for your comfort when Camping or Caravaning

We at Canberra Caravan and 4X4 Center stock a range Camping Toilets, Chemicals & Accessories to ensure your trips are as comfortable as possible. 


Camping Table & Chairs

Portable Fridges & Freezers

Whether you're dining with guests or alone, we stock IRONMAN 4X4 Camping Chairs & Tables in a range of sizes and designs. 

Our Camping Chairs are all strong and durable with a Weight Capacity of 150kg as well as quick and easy to set up. 

The Camping Tables we supply are quick fold so when you are in need of a sit down meal you don't need to spend an hour fitting it together. 


Fridges & Freezers

Sleeping Bags & Swags

IRONMAN 4X4 design a range of Camping FridgesFreezers as well as Erskies.

If you are travelling and want to make sure your food stays fresher for longer, our Portable Fridge / Freezers can all be set to be either a Fridge or Freezer with some having the Option To Be Both

They come in sizes ranging from 30L Fridge or Freezer to 74L Fridge & Freezers with SECOP Compressors


Sleeping Bags & Swags

At Canberra Caravan & 4X4 Centre we supply IRONMAN 4X4 Stretchers, Sleeping Bags & Swags. Each Swag Bag is designed with a Comfort Rating of -5°C we well as having the ability to combine 2 together to create a Double Sleeping Bag

We also supply Quick-Fold Stretchers if you would prefer to sleep above ground during your trips. 

We supply dome style single and double swags as well as the popular ridge pole style single and double swag

Camping Lights

Camping Lights

First Aid Kits

If you don't want to be left alone in the dark, IRONMAN 4X4 design and supply a range of quality Tent Lights, TorchesLanterns & Headlamps

Lanterns come in a range of 180 Lumens to 320 Lumens, as well as Adjustable Settings & Functions as well as a range of Torches of with 420 Lumens


First Aid Kits

Water Tanks

To ensure any injury can be dealt with properly, IRONMAN 4X4 design innovative fold out pouch system First Aid Kits, ideal for Home, Work, Car  & 4WD, Camping, Caravans or Marine purposes. 

Each kit includes Medical Products for Wounds (Small - Large), Burns, Snake Bites, Sprains, Fractures and CPR

The fold out design gives instructions of what to do incase of an Emergency and how to use the Medical Equipment on each section of the pouch. 


Water Tanks

Camping Accessories

Our Water Tanks are all UV Stabilised Polyethylene, BPA Free and FDA Approved. Each coming in a range of designs & shapes including Wheel Arch Tanks, Roof Rack Tanks or Jerry Cans depending on where you plan on setting it up in or on your Vehicle

Ironman do various water tank sizes and shapes for your 4x4


Camping Accessories

At Canberra Caravan & 4X4 Centre we stock Camping & Caravaning Accessories including Camping Bags, Steps, Stands, Seat Covers, Showers, Collapsible Food Grade Products, Tools, Picnic Sets & much more. 

If you are going Camping or Caravaning, we probably have the right products for your every need.  

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