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On road or off the beaten track, Australia’s first choice for 4×4 Suspension and 4WD Accessories is Ironman 4×4. Whether you use your 4×4 as a Family Vehicle or as an Off-Road Explorer, Ironman 4×4 has the products that will deliver the comfort and safety you demand. 

Ironman 4×4 products have been developed in the harshest proving ground in the world, Australia. Sold in more than 120 countries. For over 50 years customers have put their trust in Ironman 4×4 because Ironman 4×4 delivers quality and value for money.

Ironman are distributors of AluCab products, this allows Canberra Caravan & 4x4 to help you set up your car with their Deluxe Canopy Camper, having both a canopy and internal roof top tent access!

AluCab Roof Top Tents have recently had an upgrade to the Gen 3.1 featuring larger side windows and a telescopic ladder, a lot more comfortable on your feet.

For more information please visit the AluCab Australia website

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 Ironman 4x4 Bullbars

Every Ironman 4x4 Steel Bullbar is carefully crafted from Premium Grade Materials to deliver the most comprehensive Frontal Protection and styling available.


Ironman Bullbars are carefully modelled using precision 3D vehicle Scanning techniques to achieve optimal Cosmetic Design whilst providing Maximum Vehicle Collision Protection. All Ironman 4x4 Bars are WinchAirbag and ADR Compatible to ensure you and your family's safety isn't compromised.

Ironman 4x4 make Bullbars for most new and old 4wd's 

We fit our Ironman Bullbars in 2 locations in Canberra Fyshwick & Mitchell


Ironman 4x4 Suspension

All Ironman4x4 Coil Springs have been carefully designed to provide a safe, comfortable ride while also providing additional Ground Clearance. Ironman4x4 Coil Springs are made from the finest Silicon Manganese Spring Steel available.

Ironman 4x4 produce a wide range of Leaf Springs to suit a range of Load Ratings, all designed to maintain Optimum Ride HeightLeaf Springs produced by Ironman 4x4 undergo Class Leading Manufacturing Processes to ensure the highest possible quality.

Ironman4x4 produces a range of 4x4 Shock Absorbers to suit a wide range of vehicles, budgets and uses.

Ironman can do various spring heights for 4wd's from 30mm up to a 2.5" lift for certain models

Ironman Recovery Equipment 

When your 4WD Vehicle is trapped Axle deep in mud, stuck off the beaten track or bogged down in sand...the reliability of Ironman 4x4 Recovery Gear is second to none, Ironman 4x4's performance and durability of their Recovery Gear is vital.
Don't think for one minute it won't happen to you! Ironman 4x4 has Recovery Gear to suit your every need. Canberra Caravan and 4x4 Centre have Ironman 4x4 Winches, Ironman High Lift Jacks, Snatch Straps, Ironman Treads, Recovery Points for Ironman bullbars and much more.

For more information regarding Ironman4x4 Suspension, please visit the Ironman4x4 website here:

Ironman Recovery Equipment.jpg

For more information regarding Ironman4x4 Recovery Equipment, please visit the Ironman4x4 website here:

Ironman Side Protection & Steps

Ironman 4x4 Steel Powder Coated Side Steps & Rails not only give your Vehicle Protection but also aid you to get into your vehicle.


The Vehicles Body Panel Protection is an added bonus. Whether in the outback rubbing along dirt walls, or the big smoke where shopping trollies bounce off your paint work, Ironman 4x4 Side Steps and Rails are a smart investment! Ironman 4x4's Heavy Construction, these Steel Side Steps not only offer you easy access to your vehicle but offer valuable protection to the body of you 4WD


Ironman Steel Side Step and Rail - Steel Construction with Side Rail. Compatable with Ironman Steel Bull Bars and most other manufacturer's bars. Ironman 4x4 Steel Side Step and Rail are designed, tested and engineered in Australia

Ironman Lights 

Introducing the new range of Ironman 4x4 LED Driving Lights. The 7” Blast Spot and, 7” Blast Combo, 7” Comet and 9” Comet. Providing a variety of Lighting Options for all your needs these new Spotlights provide excellent illumination and are incredibly durable – ready to tackle everything the outback can throw at them! 


All Ironman 4x4 Light Bars feature the CREE LED. CREE is the latest LED technology that is revolutionizing the lighting due to their outstanding energy efficiency, intense bright light and Incredible Life Span compared to a Normal Incandescent Bulb. 


A CREE LED is actually a Microchip that emits an incredibly pure white light that is amazingly bright. 

For more information regarding Ironman4x4 Side Protection, please visit the Ironman4x4 website here:


For more information regarding Ironman4x4 Suspension, please visit the Ironman4x4 website here:

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