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Canberra Caravan and 4x4 Centre, stocks a large range of Caravan Parts and Accessories. From Caravan Kitchens to Entertainent to Vents & HoodsWhatever you need for your Caravaning adventures we have it in our shop, and if on the small chance we don't we can order it in and fit it for you. 

Caravan Bathroom & Toilets
Caravan Fresh Water Systems

Caravan Bathroom & Toilets 

At Canberra Caravan and 4X4 Centre we supply cleaning products from WALEX, THETFORD, CAMCOCAMEC, IRONMAN 4X4,  BIOPURE & BIOMAGIC including Tank Fresheners (also in Lavender), Bathroom & Toilet Cleaners, Tank Cleaners & Sanitisers as well as Septic Waste Tank Treatment Products, all specially designed for keeping your Caravan smelling fresh whilst not corroding or damaging it's delicate parts. 

Whats the point in having the Cleaning Products if you don't have the gear? Thats why at Canberra Caravan and 4X4 Centre we stock a large range of Caravan Bathroom and Toilet Accessories including Toilet Control Panels, Toilet Liners, Waste Hoses, Shower Drain PumpsCamping Toilet Paper as well as all sorts of Adaptors, Valves and Caps



Caravan Fresh Water Systems

Caravan Kitchens & Cooking

Every Caravan requires Fresh Water thats why at Canberra Caravan and 4X4 Centre we supply a range of products to keep your water fresh and tasting good. We stock products from WATER PURE, BIO MAGIC, SHURFLO, BEST WATER FILTERS and many more so we can be your one-stop-shop for Water Filtration Systems, Pumps, Water Purification Products and Filters. We supply it all so you can fill up your 40L Tank and don't have to worry about carrying crates of bottled water with you on your journeys. 


Caravan Kitchens and Cooking

Caravan Entertainment

If you want to feel as if you are in the comfort of your own homes kitchen, we supply and fit Caravan Kitchen Products including Rangehoods, Burner Gas Stoves, Fridges, Faucets and Airators as well as a collection of Kitchen Accessories from Pots & Pans to Trashcans to Napkin & Bag Dispensers.

We host products from BUSHMAN, DOMETICMSA, COAST TO COAST, BEAVER BRAND, SUPEX, COMPANION, CAMEC and CAMCO so we can guarantee a complete catalogue of whatever you need for your Caravan's Kitchen.

Caravan Power & Electricity

Caravan Entertainment

Want to watch the latest episode of that TV show you've been watching? At Canberra Caravan and 4X4 Center we supply and fit Caravan Enterainment Systems including TV's, Speakers and Antenna's so you can feel at home when you want to sit back and relax. Our range of products come from brands such as CAMEC, COAST TO COAST, HAPPY WANDERER, WINEGARD, AMP FIBIAN and ANTENNA'S DIRECT.  

Caravan Accessories

Caravan Power and Electricity

If you don't want to be left in the dark with nothing to power your lights, we supply and fit Caravan Power Packs, Battery Boxes, Solar Panels, Charging & Power Adaptors and much more. Our products are supplied by brands such as HAPPY WANDERER, SUPEX, RWB MARINE, ARK and JAYLEC.


Caravan Accessories

Whether you need Vents, Lids, Lights, Inspection Ports, Switches, Shades, Fans or even Anti Bug Lights we most likely supply for your Caravan needs. We stock premium brands such as RWB MARINE, CAMFRAMO, AP LED PRODUCTS, SUPEX, HAPPY WANDERER and many more so we can guarentee all your Caravan needs and wants are all in one place at your one-stop-shop for Caravans in Canberra

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